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Finding “The Treasure in the field.”

The Rewards of a 70-Year Search

It was seventy years ago as a fifteen- year-old high schooler that I saw my classmates making foolish decisions that I knew would damage the rest of their lives. So, I dedicated the rest of my life to help all young people and adults make wise decisions. The search began for the most effective way to do this:

1. Organize groups in public high schools

Starting with my own high school, several programs were carried out to present the gospel to every student each year. I directed similar groups in 60 other high schools in the Chicago area. However, many left the faith.

One of the sixty youth clubs in Chicago

2. Approach street gangs in Chicago

Every night for about eight months I drove to different parts of Chicago looking for street gangs. I would say, “I’m looking for a group of fellows who would like to know the answers to life’s three big questions:

‘Where did I come from? Why am I here? And where am I going?’” I offered to do a chalk drawing for them. Every gang accepted. Many received Christ, but few followed through.

The names of the street gangs revealed their desire to be important: The Dukes, The Lords, The Nobles, The Viscounts, The Kings and Queens, The Majestics, and the Vice Lords.

3. Work with church youth groups

During college and graduate school, I worked with ten church youth groups. Personal conferences covered self-acceptance, clear conscience, obeying authority, forgiving offenders, yielding rights, and moral purity through Scripture meditation. Six months later during a retreat a revival occurred, but it only lasted about five months.

A church youth group

4. Encourage attendance at a Christian School

Separating young people from the corrupting influences seemed like a solution. However, rebellious students sent by parents to be “straightened out” become the leaders. Over 50% of graduates are turning away from God.

A Christian school classroom

5. Conduct seminars in Basic Youth Conflicts

At age 30 I went on a 40-day fast. During that time God directed me to organize what I had learned into a 30-hour seminar. Several months later Wheaton College invited me to present it as a summer course. Today, over 2.5 million youth and adults have attended. Many were transformed but did not continue to meditate day and night.

A Basic Seminar in Dallas, Texas

6. Develop home education

Since 1985 over 100,000 young people have been involved with our home-education program. Students did great works, but daily meditation was not emphasized, therefore, many did not experience true success.

7. Establish Embassy University

Embassy University guarantees true success because it ensures that every student will be meditating. The host of those who have experienced success by meditation are now behind Embassy University.

—Bill Gothard, Ph.D.