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Daily Rhema Journal - Embassy University Edition

Daily Rhema Journal
Embassy University Edition

This is your starting point to get God’s Word into you! Each day, as you read the Bible, God will point out a special verse (a Rhema). Jesus said it is as vital as your daily food. Write it out and memorize it so you can quote it while going to sleep that night. Every two years you will get a degree.

The Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar - Expanded
official Embassy workbook

This workbook is used in conjunction with the first Online Course of Embassy University - The Basic Life Principles Seminar. 110 pages. Only $15

Daily Rhema Journal - Embassy University Edition

This is your starting point to get God’s Word into you! Each day, as you read the Bible, God will point out a special verse (a Rhema). Jesus said it is as vital as your daily food. Write it out and memorize it so you can quote it while going to sleep that night. Every two years you will get a degree.

This workbook is used in conjunction with the first Online Course of Embassy University - The Basic Life Principles Seminar. 110 pages. Only $15

In God We Trust  - Flag Booklet

America is being attacked from within. There are those who are working to make it a socialistic nation. The answer is not just to bring it back to the Constitution, or even the faith of the Pilgrim Fathers, but to its founding documents that motivated the Pilgrims to make it “A SHINING CITY ON A HILL” Our national motto, “In God We Trust”, unanimously passed by the 84th Congress on July 30, 1956, confirms this national resolve.

Thus far, 14 states have recently passed laws requiring this motto to be prominently displayed in all public schools! This flag has been approved as a fulfillment of the new law. The 8-page booklet provides a background to the national motto. By promoting these items, we will not only bring about a proper fear of God, but a deterrent against crime because only” be the fear of the Lord men depart from evil” (Proverbs 16:6).

Booklets 4¾ × 7½ inch folded

Full size flags - In God We Trust

single-side wall banner
single-side wall banner
two-side flag

Seven Reasons Why Churches RISE and FALL

The rise and fall of most churches today is in sharp contrast to the first century church! That church is our model, because it was established by Christ and was built on solid Biblical principles.

Sadly, those principles have largely been ignored or violated in our day; so we have thousands of churches in America that close their doors every year. One example is in the Southern Baptist Convention, with a fourteen-year decline in membership. Last year, 288,000 members left their churches, which is the largest decline in over 100 years.

The seven factors explained in this book, if followed, would turn this decline around! 47 pages

The Neglected Secret to Renew Your Youth - Fasting

When the disciples of John asked Jesus why His disciples did not fast, Jesus explained that while He was with them, they did not need to fast. But after He had ascended to heaven, “then they shall fast” (Matthew 9:14-15).

Fasting was a vital part of the first century church; and the rewards were great! In over 80 years of attending church and listening to Christian radio programs, I HAVE NEVER HEARD A SERMON ON FASTING!

We build fellowship halls for feasting, but we neglect the power and rewards of fasting! No wonder people are leaving powerless churches. 32 pages

Why Churches Are Losing Members

There is only one reason: They are not being fed and their Christian life is not working. They cannot conquer anger, guilt, lust, bitterness, greed, fear or envy. Pastors are giving information to the head brain, but it is not getting into the hearers and becoming a living part of their lives. Jesus said, “If you love Me, FEED my sheep!”

There is only one solution: Teach each member how to internalize the power of God’s Word by quoting it back to God while going to sleep at night. By this, God guarantees true success! 31 pages

My Life Journal

This Journal is not only a practical guide to a successful life, but it will be a valuable heritage to pass on to future generations. It provides a step-by-step approach to the important truths that bring success, with clear directions on how to apply them to daily life. 75 pages

Conquer the Fear of Death

We fear what we do not understand and we worship what we fear. The fear of death puts us in an emotional prison and robs us of our ability to enjoy life, health and the achievements for which God created us. Jesus destroyed “him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and released those, who through fear of death, were all their lifetime subject to bondage” (Hebrews 2:14–15). 55 pages.

Five Giants Every Man Must Conquer

The 5 giants that David faced during his lifetime are symbolic of the 5 major temptations that every man will also face. Those which are not conquered in their youth will return later in life with greater power and destruction. Precise steps are given on how to conquer each giant. 93 pages.

Your Destiny Will Be the Thoughts You Think While Going to Sleep.

When a Walmart cashier casually asked Bill Gothard, “How are you?,” he answered, “Rejoicing!” She looked up and said, “Why are you rejoicing?” He said, “Because I have found the secret to a truly successful life!”

She responded with keen interest, “What is that secret?” Bill explained, “It is based on the fact that we have three brains: our head brain, which is the weakest; our heart brain, which controls our head brain; and our gut brain, which is the strongest. The secret is quoting a verse of Scripture to God every night while going to sleep. During the night it goes from our head brain down to our gut brain which then instructs our heart brain. God promises that if we do this, “whatever we do will prosper!’” The cashier said with excitement, “I would like to start doing that! Do you have any information?” Then the man in line behind Bill said, “I would like to do that, too!” They both urged Bill to give them more information. So he designed this brochure. Have you ever had people beg you for Biblical information!? 8-panel folded brochure. Available in Packets of 25 @ $5 each; or 4 packets for $10.

49 Ways to Love God and Others.

During His earthly ministry Jesus gave 49 general commands for us to follow and to “teach to all nations.” There are also seven deadly stresses that directly damage the seven systems of our body. There are seven commands that deal with each stress. By meditating on these commands while going to sleep, we not only resolve the stresses, but also build up our immune system and experience good health and true success. You can share these with everyone in your community. 4-panel folded brochure. Available in Packets of 25 @ $5 each; or 4 packets for $10.

How to Restore 1st Century Power in Your Church.

When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenburg Castle Church on October 31, 1517, he launched a reformation that confirmed that salvation is by faith alone, not by any of our good works. That great victory has been diminished over the past 500 years as emerging churches have divided with debates over man-made doctrinal statements. Most churches do agree on nine cardinal doctrines, but they have ignored the more basic teachings that brings God’s life, unity and power.

Our problem is that a person can believe in all nine cardinal doctrines with his head brain and still not be saved! The only inspired doctrinal statements are the 49 commands of Christ, which He commissioned us to teach to all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). 176 pages.

A Preteen Guide to Conquer Every Trial

Today’s pre-teens are facing trials and temptations that were not imagined in past generations. They need special wisdom and direction to deal with each one. This involves finding benefits for every trial they face; by doing this, they will understand why God let it happen. This will turn trials into “friends.” 155 pages.

Daily Rhema Journal - Your Second Year

Maintaining our Daily Rhemas Journal is the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT of our day! But it is all too easy to neglect it for things of lesser importance. So Volume Two has over 60 pages of powerful insights and information on the rewards of quoting a new verse to God every night. Each page came from “night instruction” and is designed for us “not to be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not!” (Galatians 6:9).

Do You Qualify to Get Money From God

God designed money, and He has four purposes for its use. One is to show His love and power by providing it for us in supernatural ways. However, if we expect to get money from God, we must follow all His principles regarding money. This book explains what they are and how to carry them out. 51 pages.

Your Destiny Will Be the Thoughts You Think While Going to Sleep

The last thoughts we think before going to sleep will go down to our gut brain and then instruct our heart brain. They will determine our character, our health, our wisdom, our conversations, our behavior, our relationships, our inner peace and our success. Learn how to control every pre-sleep thought. 101 pages.

Three Lost “Secrets” to Find Your Life Purpose

The most important responsibilities for parents, beyond food and shelter, are to lead their children to a deep-rooted faith in Christ and to help them find God’s purpose for their lives. The shocking increase in teen-age suicides is a tragic indication that this is not being done. This book provides answers. 85 pages.

How to Achieve One Accord Power

One of the key factors in the rapid expansion of first century Christianity was being in “one accord.” This produces power. When a church is in one accord a revival will break out. In fact, a genuine revival can be predicted when a “one accord” status is achieved in a group of believers. 37 pages.

How to Make “The Shining City On a Hill” Great Again!

God judges individuals, cities and nations in this world. History teaches us that either we build cities of light or we will live in cities of darkness. This book provides a comprehensive plan for building such a city. It contains time-tested strategies that will reduce crime and greatly increase prosperity. 63 pages.

How Cities of Light Can Stop All Riots

This is a companion volume on how to build a city of light (in the following book, “The Shining City on a Hill”). It explains how mobile teams of young people can work with local police to reduce the root causes of crime and block out elements that turn into riots. This book explains how to resolve the problem of racism and produce self-acceptance. 43 pages.

The Wise Response to Pandemics

When you read this book, you will realize that our way of responding to a pandemic is totally opposite to God’s way. Dr. Roger Billica, who served for ten years as the NASA Chief of Medical Operations at the Houston Space Center, is a contributing author and confirms the wisdom of God way. 63 pages.

20 Essential Steps to Train Up Teens Who Will Not Rebel

Most pastors try to explain away the promise, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). The verse is true. The problem is, most parents have no idea of all the vital factors that are essential to train up a son or daughter. This book is a must for parents! 110 pages.

Seven Hidden Causes that turn Best Friends into Bitter Enemies

Whenever it happens, it is a shock and a grief. There are usually no warning signs. One day your most trusted friend suddenly becomes your worst enemy! Often, you have no idea why it happened. David wrote, “My own intimate friend . . . has turned against me.” You need to know why it happened. 75 Pages.

The Amazing Potential of Your Life Calling!

There are three stages in a believer’s life: their vocation (employment), their ministry (serving others), and their life calling (the reason God brought them into the world). Your life calling usually comes later in life. It is then that you see how everything that happened to you previously prepared you for it. 105 pages.

The First Century Founding of America

The real founding of America did not take place with the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620. They came to carry out a mandate that was given in the first century by the Lord Jesus Christ. U.S. presidents have affirmed this mandate and God has blessed America because of it. This book explains the details. 71 pages.

Life Purpose Journey to the Heart & Reins

A life-changing journey to the heart with seven levels of practical steps on how to tear down the four strongholds, how to understand and develop your spiritual gift and how to develop deep rooted faith and love by setting up daily disciplines to experience true success. 128 pages.

The Power of Deep-Rooted Love

Life is all about relationships! They are broken when we don’t understand the three levels of love that correlate with our three brains. The only level that will survive is third-level agape love which is a love for which we will lay down our lives. This book explains how to get it. 117 Pages.

The Inner Mind That Controls Our Life

A treasure of extensive Biblical and scientific documentation on how our three brains work and how our “reins” control our health, moods and behavior. It explains our four inborn strongholds and how to conquer them to experience genuine faith, love and God’s power. 211 pages.

Character & Command Series

A classic resource showing how every command of Christ gives the power to demonstrate a specific character quality. There are seven commands for each of the seven deadly stresses of anger, guilt, lust, bitterness, greed, fear and envy. Illustrated from the world of nature and history. 211 pages.

Conquer Fear With Fear

Hundreds of times God warns, “fear not!” Fear disables our ability to think rationally and to make wise decisions. It also damages our immune system and brings diseases. Discover the two types of fear and how the right fear conquers wrong fears and brings “riches, honor and life.” 81 pages.

Transform Your Fears

Five dynamic steps of action are explained on how to transform your fears into power and great achievements. Each step is illustrated with powerful life stories of those who transformed their fears and impacted the world. Learn how the opposite of fear is genuine love and how it conquers fear. 70 pages.

Overcome Depression With Inner Light

Depression is a huge and growing pandemic leading to suicide. Drugs have destructive side effects and only treat symptoms. The root causes of depression are identified and explained, including serotonin levels. Practical and proven steps are given to resolve them with “inner light.” 150 pages.

Let's Magnify God's Name

This beautifully illustrated, 9”x9” hard back book is a must for your home. “The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits” (Daniel 11:32). Twenty names of God and ninety names of Jesus are explained, with Scripture and pictures. A CD of majestic songs that magnify God’s name are sung by former opera singer, David Ossenfort. A “Heritage Classic.” 105 pages plus CD.

The High Cost of Adrenaline Addictions

Getting momentary thrills from an adrenaline rush is a growing “sport” but it leads to devastating addictions. Rushes come from such things as bungee jumps, rock music, sexual encounters and drugs. Adrenaline is for emergencies. Seven steps are given on how to conquer addictions. 82 pages.

Two Overlooked Prerequisites to Heal Nations

For many generations, concerned believer have been relying on the promise, “If my people…I will heal their land” Instead of being healed, we are tolerating sinful destructions that were unthinkable generations ago. This book takes a deeper look at the promise and explains what is needed. 63 pages.

Neural Pathways to Health and Success

We are born with billions of neurons. If they are not connected in neural circuits, they will shrivel up and die. The average person loses 85% of his neurons during his lifetime and develops Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Learn how to connect your neurons. 96 pages.

Be Grateful or Lose Your Your Mind — Literally!

Complaining seems natural. In an average conversation, a person speaking complains once every minute! Complaining is highly contagious and deep-rooted. Learn the six stages of complaining and how they shrink the mind. Discover the secret of genuine gratefulness by knowing why God lets things happen. 145 pages.

Four Secrets That Guarantee Success in Your Life ...and your world!

First century believers “steadfastly” followed four daily disciplines that caused their faith to overcome all obstacles and expand throughout the known world. Those same four disciplines will work today in the life of anyone who applies them. Without them, our life will have no purpose or power. 119 pages.

The Power of Deep-Rooted Faith

Jesus identified three levels of faith: No faith, little faith and great faith. These correspond to our three brains. If you “said a prayer” to receive Christ from your head brain, it was only an intellectual exercise. “Do you believe that there is one God . . . the devils also believe and tremble” (James 2:19). 113 pages.

How Is God A Consuming Fire?

God cleanses things with water and fire. He cleansed the earth with a flood and a fire of judgement is coming. There are also fires within us when we violate God’s laws and are “burned with lust” and “burned with anger.” These produce cancer and other diseases. Learn how to stop God’s fire. 57 pages.

The Power of Deep-Rooted Prayer

There are not only three levels of prayer, but also different intensities of praying. Effective praying is also directly related to our three levels of faith. When we cry out with deep-rooted faith, we can expect great results. But then we must “seek” what God gives and “knock.” 105 pages.

The Exceeding Great Power of God’s Grace

If you define God’s grace as simply “unmerited favor,” you are missing the key to God’s power and a victorious Christian life. God’ grace is the desire and the power to do His will. He gives us the power to have faith and to do great works. “By [the power of] grace you are saved through faith . . . unto great works” (Ephesians 2:8, 10). 105 pages.

Conquer or Be Conquered

The Christian life will never work unless we “take every thought captive.” Thoughts produce actions. Every day we have over 6,000 thoughts. God gives us the weapons and direction to bring every one of them under His control. If we fail to conquer every thought, they will conquer us! 109 pages.

How You Are the Light of the World

The light of first century believers was so powerful that they “turned the world upside down.” What power did they have that we are missing today? They had a four-fold gospel of power that we have replaced with powerless traditions. This book redefines the original strategies to bless the world. 86 pages.

Your Best Years Start Now

God is a great and powerful God, and He designed us in His image. Jesus said. “The works that I do shall [you] do also, and greater works than these shall [you] do” (John 14:12). These great works can begin at any age and under any circumstances. These great works involve motivating others to love and to do great works. 95 pages.

Unlock Your Priceless Treasure

When we are born again, God gives us a special enablement to prosper and benefit the lives of others. This spiritual gift must be discovered, developed, and used. It can also be misused. Interpersonal conflicts come when we fail to understand our gift or the gifts of others. This information is vital! 120 pages.

Secrets to Making Wise Decisions

All the grief, sorrow and pain in the world came from just one wrong decision. Every day we make hundreds of decisions. This book will show you how to make sure every decision is correct. This is vital because Satan’s goal is to deceive you into making unwise decisions that will destroy you and others. 97 pages.

Multiply Your Money and Transform Your World

God has promised to multiply our money if we follow His principles in using it. This multiplication follows the laws of the harvest: the more we give, the more we receive. The money we “lay up in heaven” is actually a “bank account” that we can draw on “in this present time” which is earning 100-fold interest. 101 pages.

Why God Calls Us to Face False Accusations

After seventy years of ministry, Bill Gothard explains in detail some of the false accusations that he has experienced. He reveals how they have deepened and widened his ministry. The powerful truths that he reports will give you peace, comfort and joy when you are falsely accused! 52 pages.

Secrets of Meditation

If we meditate on God’s Word, “whatever we do will prosper.” This promise is really true! But meditation is not focusing on God with our head brain. It is getting God’s wisdom and power into our gut brain and our heart brain. This process is illustrated in the rumination of sheep. 80 pages.

Healing Power of Our Inner Thoughts

The thoughts of our heart have great power for good or for evil! Jesus affirms this by warning that it would be more profitable for us to rip out our right eye or chop off our right hand that to have lustful thoughts in our heart. The healing power of our thoughts is not only stated in Scripture, but fully confirmed by medical science! 48 pages.

How to Experience Kingdom Power

Our first priority is to “seek first the kingdom of God.” Jesus mentioned the church only 3 times but God’s kingdom over 120 times. It was also the theme of Paul’s preaching. Learn about God’s three kingdoms and how they relate to conquering daily temptations and our salvation. 64 pages.

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The original and ongoing goal of this ministry is to give the world God’s way of life. This is now more possible than ever before. Your gifts will be used exclusively for this purpose.

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The Amazing Purpose of Your Life

This is a “must manual” for everyone! It will help you discover your life purpose,

show you how you can guarantee success in every area of life,

give you wise counsel for your marriage and family,

and provide godly insights for dealing with a host of other practical problems and issues we all face in daily life! 80 pages

All-Purpose Greeting Cards

Turn your greeting cards into a ministry!

The most important discipline in life is quoting Scripture to God while going to sleep at night.

These beautiful 5X7 all-purpose cards state that truth! ,

They come in packets of 10, with envelopes.